Bring a World-Class Chef into your Home with ‘Kitchit’

004_kitchit maggiemargueriteNew York City is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world. With over 3500 restaurants in a 468 square mile radius, it is no wonder that New Yorkers have become so accustomed to dining out on a whim. Nothing beats a great meal shared with great company, but so often this vision is thwarted by the hassle of restaurants or the challenges and stress of do-it-yourself hosting.  Instead, how about bringing the experience of eating out into your own home? Imagine a dinner party for 12 cooked by a world-class chef in your own kitchen.  Now THAT sounds interesting! Your dreams have just come true!

kitchit logoKitchit, a service that was launched in San Francisco in December of 2011 and in New York last year, has successfully turned this dream into a reality. This breakthrough innovation has fast become a front-runner in the culinary world of fine-dining. Kitchit is the creation of three entrepreneurs- Brendan Marshall, Ian Ferguson and George Tang. The three met at Stanford, where two were in business school and one was studying computer science. They developed the idea through the university’s business accelerator program, and did test runs of dinner parties to prove its value. Together they have pioneered the concept of ‘bespoke dining’, connecting discerning diners with top professional chefs who curate private events, from casual dinner parties to world-class gastronomic adventures. “We have an incredible group of chefs who are ready to take your dinner party to the next level, including our newest advisors, Chefs Dan Kluger and Christopher Kostow,” explained Marshall.

169_kitchit maggiemargueriteThe idea is simple: log into the site and sign up for a free membership, then choose your chef. An all-star line-up includes some of New York’s greatest chefs such as Dan Kluger (ABC Kitchen), Floyd Cardoz (North End Grill) and Harold Dieterle ( Perilla and Kin Shop). Founder Brendan Marshall said that he “wants to give chefs a platform to go beyond the four walls of a restaurant.” Next, book one of the packages to suit your needs; whether an informal cocktail party, intimate dinner for six or a family feast for 20, there is a package for every whim. Depending on your dinner, you can assign waiters, bartenders, floral arrangements and more with prices ranging between $40 and $200 per person. Each package description includes a full menu, a detailed overview of the service style, a summary from the chef, detailed pricing information and a full chef bio. Narrow down the choices by price range, date, number of guests, and cuisine. Once you’ve locked in a selection, you can correspond with the chef to request specific ingredients and dishes. Co-founder Ferguson, the website’s creative designer, explains “New Yorker’s love to dine out, but we are giving them a reason to dine-in, in the comfort of their own home, while still having an incredible meal prepared by one of New York City’s best chefs.”

075_kitchit maggiemargueriteKitchit chefs also do pre-planned signature events such as parties with hors d’oeuvres, and some even give private cooking lessons. After the meal is finalized, you can go to Kitchit’s event dashboard to manage your guest invites as well as track RSVP’s. Hand-picked chefs will take care of everything from shopping to clean up and for most events, the chef handles renting equipment, hiring wait staff, and as many of the other details as you want . “Dining is all about spending time with the people you love and our members deserve to be stress-free” said Marshall. “Our mission at Kitchit is to create distinctive and delicious dining experiences that are as memorable as they are effortless.” Another nice feature Kitchit offers is a way to split the check in advance and even sell tickets. “It doesn’t take much work for people to find a rental space, even with something like Airbnb,” said Marshall. “So, if you wanted to, you could basically create your own restaurant and hire the chef.”

So, go ahead and think outside the box; dining-in is the new dining-out. Sit back and let Kitchit create memories to last a lifetime. To meet the chefs and plan your next event, visit  In addition to New York City, Kitchit chefs are available to curate private events on Long Island, including the Hamptons.

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