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What Can Your Title Company Do for You?

Q: Real Estate Professionals, is your title company helping you grow your business?

Photo by Alan Cleaver

Photo by Alan Cleaver

A: If you have a long existing Title relationship, it goes without saying that you are most likely getting decent service.  The Fall season is a time when most businesses take inventory on their marketing tactics, the performance of their staff, goals and initiatives for the upcoming year, etc.  At this point you should be asking yourself whether or not your title company is doing anything to help grow your business.

What do I mean by that?  Time and time again, colleagues and business associates pull me aside to ask me for the inside scoop. They’ll ask, “Rafe, what makes you successful in the title industry?” In turn I reply, “I never talk about title.”  I leave that up to our dedicated staff and in-house counsel.  Instead, I focus on finding ways to help grow each client’s book of business.

There are a few key tactics I incorporate into my business approach to make this happen. These include: networking, matchmaking and introductions, marketing, and philanthropy.  In many industries, networking is a common practice, a means to an end.  But in title insurance, it tends to be overlooked and underutilized.  It’s more than showing up and shaking hands; it’s about being proactive, creating an environment to allow for one-on-one, long-term connections.

Photo By Nicolas Goulet

Photo By Nicolas Goulet

By introductions, I don’t mean acquainting you with just anyone, but instead introducing you to key players that will have an immediate, direct impact on your business.  I introduce attorneys to bankers and vice versa, real estate brokers to home buyers, etc., and through these introductions, relationships are built that will generate business for all parties involved.

I host professional networking events, spotlight our clients at various functions, mixers, happy hours, and act as a “matchmaker.”  Helping to connect the people that I currently work with or hope to work with is the key to organically growing my business. I know that real estate brokers are a crucial part of my business, so therefore I help them get listings, promote the listings they already have, assist them with their marketing initiatives and open houses, and much more.

Getting involved and giving back.

Sometimes it’s not just about transactional business.  I try to get involved with as many worthy causes as I can.  Yes, it feels great to put in the work and make a connection for a client that will eventually translate into more title deals, but an even more rewarding feeling is to give back and help out a worthy cause, using my vast network of connections. One such cause that I am 100% behind is PinkTie.org | Real Estate Professionals Networking for a Cure.  Mike Cave, the CEO of my company, 1st Equity, founded it.

At last year’s PinkTie Event, we raised over $65K for the FACT (Find A Cure Today) Breast Cancer Foundation, a local 501c3 charity organization that donates 100% of the proceeds to local hospitals and research facilities.  We look for organizations that have a direct impact in the communities where we work.   In addition to founding PinkTie.org, Mike has committed to donating a portion of all title proceeds to this cause.  Being able to network and give back is a win-win for all of us.

You can see how each key tactic that I mentioned (networking, matchmaking, marketing, and philanthropy) synergize with one another to help grow other peoples’ businesses, which in-turn will help grow yours as well.