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Saddle River, New Jersey

Saddle RiverThis rustic community is situated along the picturesque Saddle River, which is located between 15 and 18 miles from Manhattan. From cottages to large estates, along with the minimum 2 acre zoning, this charming community offers a buyer proximity to New York and all the culture that offers, along with a serene and picturesque lifestyle.
The real estate values are from approximately $1,000,000 to over $30,000,000; although Saddle River is home to many high profile residents in the entertainment and music industry as well as internationally recognized entrepreneurs; there is a feeling of being able to lead a low key lifestyle here. We always have strong interest from Manhattan business owners who need to get to Manhattan quickly and often.
Although there are just a few local businesses in town, your access to the country’s largest shopping mecca is right within your reach. All in all, the beauty of the landscape (Saddle River, streams, brooks and mountain views) along with the great access to Manhattan makes this one of the top Platinum communities in the United States.
The two residences pictured above show the diversity of housing in Saddle River. From historic, landmarked homes to country French estates, this is an area that a discerning buyer should not miss.

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